Monaana International Word Ministries

Monaana International Word Ministries

"Taking The Living Word of God to All Nations!"

Ministries in the Ministry

The Ministry is blessed with the following ministries: 

  • Evangelism, outreach and missions
  • Social Ministry
  • Youth (VIP Word) Ministry - (Victorious 
  • Industrious and Progressive– through the Word)
  • Ladies (WoW– Women of the Word) Ministry 
  • Men of the Word (MoW) Ministry
  • Children’s (Blessed Kids) Ministry
  • Church choirs and worship team
  • Ushering and follow-up Ministry 
  • Education and empowerment
  • Business and professionals Ministry

From: Mrs Gail de Toit

What wonderful fellowship and friends you have! I am learning a lot from your book. I am in the habit of reading 

so many books at the same time, but in the past few days I put aside all others and just concentrated on your 

book . Thank you for sharing so much of your personal life in the book. It is truly a blessing and encouragement 

to those who read it. May your outreaches be



From: Pastor Grace (Uganda)

Dear Apostle Lydia

It is long since we last communicated. The International out conformance is on in the church it begun last 

Sunday up to the coming Sunday. we have Mombasa, Nigeria, and Ghana youths here and it is revival very 

where. Your children got holidays last Friday and this week we shall be scanning their report forms to you. They 

all studied well. Thank you so much for loving and supporting them with your finances, love and care. We are 

looking forward to seeing you again here in the pearl of Africa as we travel all over East Africa. How is the 

church? The children and all our friends the ministers? Tell them we love them and still remember them. I will be 

sending to you the full names of the ministers for ordination certificates, but don’t forget you are an apostle of 

nations you will be ordaining more this December. The pastors you ordained are new we don’t know what came 

on them the guys are on real fire, each one of them is a new man!!

Background of MI Word Ministries

Monaana International Word Ministries is a Ministry established in line with the principles of the Bible and derives its mandate from the great Commission. This is a non-profit organisation as it is established with the sole purpose of taking care of the needs of the people of God regarding their spiritual and psycho-social lives. The Ministry connects people to their purpose by offering them services that will help them to discover that people and live in it. The Ministry offers spiritual enlightenment, counseling, preaching, and training on all issues relating to the Bible.

Tanzania Mission Trip at ST James Anglican Church-Arusha 

The team that was preaching at Tanzania with the Senior Pastor's family. Apostle Z.R Mpame and Prophet Moshosho Moshosho are both from South Africa and they accompanied us during this extravagent event hosted by God himself. The Five Fold Ministries in the bible were all represented in this conference. 

Tuesday, Feb 23 All Day
Thursday, Feb 23 All Day
Friday, Feb 23 All Day
Saturday, Feb 23 All Day

Apostle Lydia Moeng giving food parcels to church members

Every year the senior pastor (Apostle Lydia) gives food parcels to families in the church so that they can celebrate the festive seasons with joy and laughters, knowing that God has taken take of them. 

2 COR 9: 7- “You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. For God loves a person who gives cheerfully!”

Visiting the Masai people in Tanzania

The team that went to Uganda and Tanzania met the Masai people in Tanzania. These people are equivalent to the San people in South Africa. They had a church that was established by the Anglican church in Arusha-Tanzania. God elaborated what He said in Mark 16:16 - "Go and preach the good news to everyone in the world."

The vibrant youth of MI Word Ministries

The ever vibrant youth of MI Word Ministries has raised the standards again. They have started initiative that aim at connecting the youth around Mafikeng with the youth around the world. They have planned a sports day that will be hosted at one of the schools in Mmabatho. Youth from different churches will meet here and praise God together. Ps 71:5 - "I depend on you, and I have trusted you since I was young."

Giving out stationary to school kids

MI Word Ministries gives out 

stationery to school children 

who are members of the 

church annually. 

  • "We thank the Lord for the growth of the church. May his name be praised and glorified!"
    Apostle Lydia
    Senior Pastor
Mafikeng, Motlhabeng
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Easter Revival & Conference

The Easter Conference is just around the corner and Mi Word Ministries is plannig to celebrate this event with heavenly style. The Revival and Conference will be from the 25th-31st of March 2013.

From: Rev. Daniel

Dear Apostle Lydia

I am overwhelmed by the great revelations God has stored in you. I am drinking from your books and in fact 

extracting some deep truth and using it to teach in church. How is your family? There is a great door here for 20 

children to go and study in Poland and my son has been included on the list.